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Robots.txt tester Whether it’s the announcement of the latest updates , posting extensive documentation, or answering questions posed directly to a member of the team, Google is generally quick to state what does and doesn’t work in search. Saying that, I’ve done some digging and there are a number of techniques that Google doesn’t officially support but are still effective – at least to some extent. As a disclaimer (and to clear my conscience should you decide to implement anything in this post): these tactics aren’t guaranteed to work but have been found to work at least partially. Meta noindex tags applied at the page-level are a tried and trusted staple of keeping pages out of search engine indexes.  However, Google also respects most robots directives within a robots.txt file, including noindex. Officially, Google’s John Mueller has said that noindex robots.txt “shouldn’t be relied on” but our testing at DeepCrawl (disclaimer: I work at DeepCrawl) has shown that this method of noindexing pages still works. Compared to a meta noindex, robots.txt noindex provides a cleaner, more manageable solution to tell Google that a page shouldn’t be indexed. This method results in less confusion over which directives override which, as robots.txt will override any URL-level directives. Robots.txt noindex is also preferable to meta noindex because you can noindex groups of URLs by specifying URL patterns rather than applying them on a page-by-page basis. As with any other robots.txt directive you can test robots.txt noindex using the Robots.txt Tester in Search Console .

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